Reload Saturdays with Stefan – Weekly Crypto Gambling Review (Week 50)

There are only 15 days left this year. The holidays just aren’t coming fast enough. It is time for respite and recovery. So before you go out to relax, check out the weekly review and see what’s going on in the crypto world!

Fortunately, it’s far less dramatic than it was last week. This time it’s more about inventions, new casinos and investment strategies. Let’s start with the weekly review!

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Cryptocurrencies have given the online gambling industry a total transformation. Both Ethereum, EOS and Tron blockchain technology have taken online gambling to another level. In fact, the platforms have an outstanding feature. Using each new blockchain reduces transaction speeds, makes gambling dApps safer, and reduces banking costs. Blockchain is the perfect environment for developing top dApps. Decentralized applications are a revolutionary invention because they are so easy to develop with features like AI, AR & VR and smart contacts. DApps developed in blockchain offers a superior experience. That is why crypto is the future of gambling.

The AIGame Foundation is launching the AI ​​Poker platform, a unique AI-powered Poker platform . It is great for both beginners and masters, because creating poker strategies is the main toy idea. The system uses these strategies and tests them in online poker games. Players rate the best strategies, and creators of the best rated strategies get a share of the platform’s revenue. The platform uses AI, blockchain and big data as the main technologies. They seek to use the latest technologies and concepts to achieve a higher level of decentralization. The platform was launched on December 4 in Seoul, South Korea.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan – Weekly Crypto Gambling Review (Week 50)

Whether crypto merchants admit it or not, this is a bad year for crypto. Cryptocurrencies have faced a 70% -80% drop in prices in one year. But the philosophy of crypto trading has more than panicked buying and selling due to fluctuating price drops. When times get tough, experienced traders stay ready. Years of forecasting, analysis and results of the crypto investment strategy for bear markets have been adopted. Strategies are short selling, HODL, continued investment and portfolio diversification. Apply them according to your situation.

The Gambling Commission is currently cleaning up the popular people streaming platform, Twitch . Twitch is home to a large number of streamers, allowing users to stream gaming and other content. Twitch found itself under fire from critics when the Gambling Commission took action against illegal betting offers. The commission found that some streamers were promoting offers from unlicensed casino operations. The Twitch community has not properly addressed this issue because its guidelines strictly protect against showing explicit sex and violence, but not gambling. However, the infamous category “Casino” remains for users of all generations to see and click.

Chain Breakers is a new RPG game based on blockchain. Qwellcode, a German-based company, used Ethereum blockchain and smart contact technology for background programming. However, the game approaches the front-end from Deverseraland’s virtual reality metaverse. “Landowners” from Decentraland receive a share of the income when they allow tasks and events to take place on “their land”. The game’s assets are contained in NFTs and stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

Large funds act completely differently from the average trader when dealing with a bearish crypto market . Although some merchants want to sell crypto and leave the market, large funds are much more interested in buying cheap crypto. Large funds invest based on a projection of valuable assets. They take the property and try to predict its value 5 to 10 years in the future. They buy cheap crypto to store large numbers of coins when prices explode again. The market is stabilizing and they have tremendous market power.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan – Weekly Crypto Gambling Review (Week 50)

It often seems that constant innovation in the crypto world is home to romance for the new century. But sometimes they produce real horror stories. As of July 2018, WEX cryptocurrency exchanges suspended withdrawals. Currently, only cash withdrawals are available on Zcash and at a staggering 75% fee. WEX owner Dmitri Vasiliev and his partners have been running a fraud website for months. Russian news provided a brief description of the NSFW owner. The rabbit hole goes deep enough even to include Russian hackers on the list wanted by the FBI. It’s amazing how the future turns.

Joe Lubin, one of the founders of Ethereum and CEO of ConsenSys, has encountered a lot of doubts and controversy regarding the current state of ConsenSys Ethereum Projects . Critics and analysts are unsure what Lubin is trying to achieve with his company and massive investments in Ethereum projects. Of Ethereum’s estimated 50 applications, only a few have found success and widespread public praise. However, Lubin will continue to invest in new blockchain projects. Certainly, the crypto community likes big words like decentralization. But there is still a long way to go to achieve the usual business application of such concepts and practices.

And that’s all for this weekly review. Indeed, it was a much-needed move away from a crypto world that was always eventful. Follow us for the next review, where we will deal with the fate of the crypto world.