Is spending the average bitcoin dollar worth gambling?

Anyone who invests money, whether it is a mutual fund, a stock or a cryptocurrency, will tell you that the investment involves a certain amount of risk and reward. It can be just as much a dice as placing a bet on roulette or with a bitcoin sports booklet.

One of the keys to success in both investing and gambling is managing someone’s cash. There are many strategies and ways to do this. However, one of the most popular risk management methods relates to a concept known as the average cost of the dollar.


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What is the average dollar cost?


The average dollar cost is basically the practice of averaging a potential buyout or desired level of investment over a period of weeks or months, rather than investing the entire lump sum at a time. The goal of practicing average dollar costs is to reduce the effects of volatility in the short run, while still achieving one’s long-term investment goals and investing in a way that ensures the desired amount of market exposure and thus the desired level of risk versus reward.


Gambling on Bitcoin, the risk of protection from the average cost of dollars


PlanB is the username of a Twitter user known as one of the whales / leading Bitcoin investment advisors. PlanB is also known as the individual who created the popular hypothesis about the future price of Bitcoin. Flow inventory determination model. The stock hypothesis says that the reduction in the new supply of Bitcoin over time, accelerated by the event of halving Bitcoin that occurs approximately every four years, will continuously increase the price in the long run.

PlanB notes that anyone who invested in Bitcoin using the sliding system from 2017 to this year would have returns of as much as 70% during that period. Given that the average annual return on a well-diversified stock portfolio or real estate investment is typically around 10%, getting a seven-fold higher return through dollar cost on average on a Bitcoin position is a huge profit.


70% bitcoin gambling


Here’s how the strategy works: An investor buys Bitcoin in 2017 as the price goes up, slowly increasing his investment. As the price peaks at the end of the year, regular incremental investments will continue, but the amounts will decrease as the price falls (which a smart investor would definitely do given how much hoop there was around Bitcoin and the fact that the excitement reached ridiculous high level).

Consistently investing during 2018 while simultaneously reducing the monthly amount (or any payment frequency you choose, and then re-increasing your investment during 2019 would yield a 70% return over three years on your total principal investment.

You would expand your cube over three years and see that your money supply increased significantly.


Can bitcoin gamblers and investors keep averaging the cost of the dollar forward?


As they say in investing and in bitcoin gambling: past history does not necessarily dictate future results. So the big question is, can those thinking about big bitcoin use a dollar average strategy in the future still be successful?

The answer to that question must be a resounding yes. Although Bitcoin is relatively new to the investment and gambling scene compared to other forms of both activities, the concept of average dollar costs has always been a tried and tested, proven and true method of risk management versus reward.

Think logically, is it better to dip your toe in water and slowly enter the water when you realize that sharks are swimming around you? Or is it better to jump in your head first and let the sharks see you alive?

Clearly, a better approach is risk management. In investing and gambling, it’s not just about choosing the winner that matters. He survives long enough to learn and is left with money to continue investing in Bitcoin once you know what you are doing. This is partly why the average dollar cost works so well.

Invest in Bitcoin over time. Manage volatility and reap long-term, instead of keeping short-term focus. That is the key to success.

Seven things you should consider when starting a bitcoin casino

If you want to get an idea of ​​how lucrative casino running can be, all you have to do is travel to Las Vegas and see all the beautifully lit, huge and breathtaking casinos that surround the bar. Of course, running a casino costs a lot of money if you plan to do it in the style of brick and plaster. This is especially true if you want to follow the gambling laws outlined by the federal government of the United States.

Starting a Bitcoin gambling page is a little easier. After all, you don’t have to worry about building a brick casino that will compete with Caesar’s Palace or The MGM Grand. However, there are seven key things you will need to consider if one day you plan to launch your own Bitcoin gambling website.

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Location, Location, Location
It’s natural to think that location doesn’t matter if all you’re doing is creating a website. It’s not that you have to depend on pedestrian traffic. But location is important when it comes to running an online gambling game, even if you plan other than cryptocurrency. Registering your business in a jurisdiction that favors both gambling and cryptocurrencies can make a big difference in ensuring that your crypto gambling website becomes profitable and stays that way in the long run.

Curacao is one of the first countries to ever issue gambling licenses and they are very friendly towards gambling operations that use cryptocurrencies. Malta was one of the first countries to legalize cryptocurrencies in general and has always been gambling friendly. Kahnawake is a native territory located in Québec, Canada, which is great for gambling companies looking to expand their customer base and offers fairly favorable tax regulations. This brings us to the next consideration.

Obtaining the appropriate licensing
You must explain that you plan to accept cryptocurrency payments for your gambling site and apply for a license through the official sign-up process. You basically have to explain that you plan to be aligned. Licensing and regulations are, of course, vastly different around the world, so you’ll need to spend a significant amount of time researching your local laws.

Time management
Enabling Bitcon gambling is relatively easy and quick to do. That said, you need to design a website and app, hire marketing staff, open an office and brokerage business with independent payment service providers that will make it easier for gamblers to build a bankroll with you. All of this can take a long time.

Understanding tax rules
In the early days of Bitcoin, a popular opinion was that it was for criminals and those who wanted to avoid taxes. Nowadays, if you want to deal with overwork, you will pay taxes, even in the most favorable jurisdictions. Be sure to clarify what the tax rules are in any jurisdiction you choose to do business with. If you play cards properly or if you can boost the local economy with your work, you may be lucky enough not to have to pay certain taxes at all.

Have a robust marketing plan
Whether your new gambling venture accepts cryptocurrency or not, the bottom line is that it’s a competitive space. If you are going to compete with the big guys, you need to be able to offer promotions that are unique and key players coming back for more. Many operators offer 100% as a bonus on top of the initial deposit, some offer changes to play again after you lose, and others offer VIP services. Marketing is a big part of winning customers over. Advertising Bitcoin gambling sites online is also difficult because most major advertisers like Facebook and Google do not allow gambling ads, so you need to have a team committed to the goal.

Maintaining compliance
Following the laws to ensure that you can benefit from the best possible tax regulations is key to successful bitcoin gambling, but complying with the law has more to do than that. You must be able to identify the source of the funds and in many jurisdictions still be able to perform a Knowledge of Your Client. You also need to have a blockchain staff on staff in case something goes wrong and the customer asks for help in completing the transaction. All of this requires significant capital.

Acceptance of payment
You have already accepted the acceptance of cryptocurrencies and you are probably okay with accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum, but what other cryptocurrencies will you accept? If you manage to jump into the next crypto in trend, you may get access to a new group of gamblers before anyone else does, so this is an important consideration.

Assessing each of these seven criteria and trying to set up your own bitcoin gambling website could help you take your business to the moon because the price of bitcoin itself still does just that.

Keeps Fashion Trends Going Strong


Keeps Fashion Trends Going Strong

Fashion is an art form of individual autonomy and self-expression in a certain context and at a certain time, of clothes, shoes, lifestyle, cosmetics, hairstyle, body posture, and style. In its broader sense, the word signifies a style defined by the fashion industry when what is fashionable is what is popular. There are many definitions for what makes a fashionable wardrobe, but a few guidelines that can be helpful in fashion education are: what is hot today is sexy today, what is the trend-worthy today is stylish today, and what is stylish today will be trend-worthy next year. It is a subjective term, as each person decides what is fashionable for him or her. But the point is to promote individuality and free choice.

The process of fashion is an ever-evolving one. Trends are discovered, embraced, rejected, altered, and rebuilt until they find a permanent home in the public domain, in the mainstream of fashion. Although some designers resist change as an inhibiting factor in fashion, the mass acceptance of new fashions is a trend that has no equal in history. While individual styles can survive in fashion, mass fashion almost always falls apart in the end.

The high fashion industry produces clothes for men, women, children, and teens. High fashion clothing includes dresses, pants, skirts, suits, tops, and underwear. Accessories, including jewelry and fashion accessories, are also produced by the high fashion industry. Women’s clothing is designed to be comfortable and appealing while emphasizing the woman’s figure.

Clothing for children is designed to look cute, and fashionable while also reflecting the latest trends in children’s clothing. Adults enjoy high-fashion clothing that looks stylish, elegant, and stylish. Adults enjoy clothing that makes them feel good about themselves. In order for any fashion to be popular with all ages it must satisfy a number of needful needs.

The desire to have everything is so powerful that designers create clothing lines for people who have everything they need, and sometimes they create clothing lines for people who don’t. A designer’s idea of “limited edition fashion” might include only a few styles or colors of a designer’s favorite fabric, which are being produced in limited quantities. Other times, designers may offer only a select few styles, colors, or designs. These exclusive items are known as “special items” and become collector’s items.

Consumers can help keep fashion trends from becoming extinct by encouraging store owners to display fashion garments on display. Retailers may charge a small fee for displaying fashion related merchandise. By wearing the garments displayed on display, people are encouraging other consumers to purchase those same garments. This will keep the fashion industry alive and well, making sure that the next generation of fashionable consumers is born.