History of Haute Couture

Fashion is an art form of self-expression, autonomy and individuality in a certain time and context and at a certain time, in a certain situation and by a certain style. The word means a trendy look usually defined as what is fashionable at that moment. It is influenced by the history of fashion, which has been shaped by social definitions. It has been defined as a way of defining the parameters of acceptable behavior in Dress, Art Forms, modes of dressing, Society, History and other related areas. In most cases, it refers to the trend setting or generating of an interest, which can be availed by everyone, for aesthetic reasons, to promote the values of beauty, youth, sexuality and other related concepts.


There are different kinds of fashion trends. These may include seasonal variations, the hybrid variety and the classical variety. These variations are generated by new combinations of materials, designs, styles and colors of clothing. Some of the common components of such clothing include dresses, trousers, skirts, jeans, tops, dresses, blouses, casuals, sports apparel, leisure wear, formal wear, lingerie and other articles of daily dress.

Clothing is categorized into many forms. These forms include dresses, suits, work wear, casuals, skirts, tops, blouses, pants, children’s wear, leisure Wear and other articles of daily dress. The items of clothing may be categorized according to their usage, occasion and location. Some of the most common categories include the following: formal, semi formal, casual, party wear, beach wear, sports attire and wedding wear. Each of these categories of clothing is further broken down into types and subtypes.

In the early days, clothes were categorized according to their materials. Clothes could be categorized as formal wear depending upon their material composition. Materials like silk and satin were considered to be of a high fashion status. High fashion articles of clothing had to have elaborate stitching. Pieces of clothing like coats, tuxedos, suits, lounge clothes and evening gowns were all designed in this manner.

Later on, designers started classifying clothing according to their designers. Designers belonged to different groups and were known as stylists, fashion advisers, fashion consultants etc. Clothes for men were designed by men and for women, by women. The process of categorizing clothes had not remained smooth without these designers. Fashion designers had to constantly interact with customers, get suggestions, make changes and keep up with the changing fashion trends.

The creation of new concepts and ideas for new kinds of clothes and accessories for women and men were essential. The emergence of fashion weeks and the frequency with which new styles and designs were introduced changed the face of fashion industry forever. Today, clothes from haute couture are not available in local stores, but can be found easily over the internet. You can order your desired clothing items on the web. The convenience of shopping for fashion products has made it possible for many people to own fashion accessories and clothes.