The Evolution of Cryptocurrency

A Cryptocurrency, as defined by Wikipedia, “is a digital currency that can be traded on the Internet.” A cryptosystem, a term used by specialists in the field, is “a system that provides cryptographic services for specific uses such as secure data transmission over the Internet, secure transmission of messages and data through networks, secure and protected storing of sensitive data and confidential information.” In other words, a cryptosystem secures the exchange of monetary units of one type for another. Therefore, a cryptocurrency is simply a secure way of transferring money from one place to another.


Now, in order to understand how the concept of Cryptocurrences works, we must acquaint ourselves with the working of traditional currencies. For example, the most common type of money around the world is the US dollar. It is backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government, which is why it is called “fiat currency.” Fiat currency, as defined above, is not backed by anything physical, such as gold or silver. Instead, it is merely a promise of payment, often based on trust, that a government makes to its citizens in exchange for their tax payments and certain entitlements.

Therefore, all the governments of the world must regularly print more fiat currency in order to meet their obligations. This process, called “prints,” causes the price of all underlying digital assets to rise or fall in correlation with the federal government printing requirements. Now, when an investor or trader wants to purchase digital assets like gold and silver, they must first deposit that particular asset into a bank account. After that, the investor may then choose to either “pool” their funds with other investors or invest their money directly by purchasing the digital asset in the form of either a bullion coin or a futures contract. By doing so, investors are essentially pooling their resources together in order to increase the power of their purchasing power.

With the advent of cryptosporviary software solutions, the ability to pool funds and invest remotely have become extremely feasible due to the increased speed with which blockchains can be processed. In order to participate in these types of transactions, an investor must have an internet connection, thus making it possible for individuals and institutions located anywhere in the world to make trades. In fact, it is even possible for individuals with Ethical Majority status to trade on the asset markets without using their personal computers, thus greatly decreasing the risk associated with investing in cryptosporvial assets. By decentralizing the control of these types of assets, more power is given back to the people.

Just like any other system, there are two major different types of cryptocurrencies. One is called Dashchain, which is actually a fork of the Litecoin project. The other is called Vertcoin, which is derived from the Bitcoin project. Both projects are validations of the original premise upon which the respective currencies were founded, and both have the potential for world-wide use. However, unlike Litecoin and Dashchain, Vertcoin diverges significantly from the original code that underlies its technology.

One of the most unique aspects of the cytotechnology community is its adaptability to new developments. There are numerous ways that new technologies, such as those associated with the Deterrent System and the Zerlip protocol can influence the way that cryptosporrencies are exchanged. In this regard, there are three different proposals that have been implemented into the system, and these include Deterrent System Proposal, Zerlip Project, and the Confidential Transaction Proposal. While there is still much work to be done in this area of cryptography, it is important to remember that it is still early days, and that there are many developers working diligently to pave the way toward a secure future. With this being said, it is likely that cryptosporadians will find innovative ways to implement digital currency as soon as feasible.